Surgical Products

Aeris Balloon Dilation Catheter, for airway dilation.

Aeris is the most advanced Balloon Dilation Catheter for Airway Dilation, offering a exclusive Non-Slip design. Conceived by an airway surgeon, no other balloon catheter specifically addresses the issue of slippage in airway stenosis. Available in sizes 5mmX30mm thru 18mmX40mm.

Neurosign Surgical, for inter-operative nerve monitoring of the Head and Neck.

Neurosign offers Cost Effective nerve monitors and disposables used in Thyroidectomy, Para-thryoidectomy, Radical Neck, Anterior Cervical Disc Fusion, Mastoidectomy, and Parotidectomy. Neurosign relies on tried and true methods of EMG monitoring, providing solutions for more than 30 years.

Tracoe, Tracheostomy and Laryngectomy products.

Offering a full line of Tracheostomy products, including Adult Standard and Extended Length tubes, Pediatric and Neonatal Silicone, Comfort Line, Jackson Metal Tracheostomy tubes, Speaking Valves, and much more.

Surgical Instruments, all specialties.

Our Surgical instruments are of the finest quality from Tuttlingen, Germany. We can Cross Reference any Jarit, Miltex, Mueller and many more with just the Reference #.